Field of Application

For single, double and triple layer design of Forming fabrics for the PMC (Paper Machine Clothing) Industry


The Yarnpicker YP3 is designed to assist in the preparation of the fabric prior to the seaming process. Warp yarns in a strip taken from the fabric to be joined, are automatically removed, resulting in an undamaged set of original weft yarns to be used in the seaming machine.

The frame work of approximately 2 m2 x 2 m high allows easy accessibility to machine components.

The Yarnpicker YP3 is designed in a way that the yarns in the actual picking area are not used in the seam strip, therefore assuring that no damaged yarns are left in the seam strip. An electronic program (PLC) controls the complete automatic yarn picking process. The working speed is adjustable for different fabric requirements and the machine will stop automatically if the working cycle is interrupted. All adjustments of the machine are reproducible and the data can be stored per individual fabric on a flash drive for further use.

The seam strip is rolled up with a sheet of paper in between the layers of the weft yarns to avoid disturbance of the yarns and to cater for easy storage.

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