Field of Application

For single, double and triple layer forming fabric designs which have been gapped via an automatic fringing machine, such as the WIS GapStar or used in conjunction with the WIS TSS (thread selection system) and Glueing table.


The PrepStar assists in the preparation of the fabric prior to the seaming process.

Full fabric length weft yarns in the fabric to be joined are automatically removed, resulting in an undamaged set of warp yarns to be used in the seaming machine.

The table and framework of 0.90 m wide allows easy accessibility to machine components and accentuates the ease of loading and unloading fabrics from the table. The table height of 1.1 m is ergonomic for the operator. An electronic program (PLC) controls the complete automatic thread removal process.

The working speed is adjustable to different fabric requirements. The PrepStar stops automatically if the working cycle is interrupted.

All adjustments of the machine are reproducible and the data can be stored per individual fabric on a flash drive for future use.

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